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Las Vegas – The Luckiest Place on Earth

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or ‘Sin City,’ is a place where all of your fantasies become a reality. It’s a paradise in the middle of the desert where casinos, live entertainment, and fun are a part of the everyday experience.

Las Vegas always ranks as one of the top travel destinations in the US, attracting tens of millions of visitors worldwide. Everyone comes to try their luck in the casinos to win big, but any trip to a city like Las Vegas is an automatic jackpot.

You’ll find some of the best shows in the world, themed hotels, and an atmosphere designed for fun. While you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, check out some of these recommended things to do to have the best travel experience!

Things to Do:

Play in the casinos

Las Vegas is the world capital for casinos and gaming. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere in the city without hearing the ringing bells of slot machines – even the airport has a few machines to warm you up as soon as you land.

You’ll find world-class casinos in most of the Las Vegas hotels, especially along the Strip. Check out the casinos in MGM Grand, Luxor, Bellagio, Wynn, and Caesars Palace to see some of the best casinos in town.

Try your luck to see if you can win big in Vegas. You can have hours of fun playing on the slot machines, table card games, and other specialties. If you’re really a big spender, head towards the high-roller section, or you can stick to the penny slots. And the best part is that the casinos are open 24/7. 

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Live Entertainment Shows

Las Vegas offers all-around entertainment for visitors. It’s a hub for top-tier entertainment where you can check out shows and performances from some of the best talents in the world.

Vegas is filled with performance venues, and even the hotels host shows. Whether you’re traveling with an adult group or your family with kids, you’ll find a suitable sow for everyone.

Some of the popular types of shows in Vegas include live music concerts, comedy, magic, acrobatic, exotic animals, theater, and more. Every night you can find something new to check out.

Live entertainment is one of the staples of visiting Las Vegas, and you’ll have your pick of a fantastic show to add to the experience.

Fremont Street Experience

Downtown Las Vegas has once again transformed into one of the premier districts in the city. Spend some time away from the Strip to discover the Fremont Street Experience located downtown. It’s a place you’ll want to see during the day and at night.

The Fremont Street Experience consists of several blocks featuring a massive LED canopy. The entire street is now a pedestrian walkway where you’ll get to experience an outdoor party that’s always happening. It features casinos, bars, and restaurants, holding outdoor venue space to enjoy the street atmosphere.

Be sure to try the zip-line to speed overhead.

At night, Fremont Street lights up with colorful lights shining from all directions. Music plays and bars serve drinks outdoors. Look overhead to see the daily light show on the canopy.

Thrill Rides

Las Vegas has some popular ride attractions to get your adrenaline pumping if the casinos don’t give you enough heart-pumping action. Several themed hotels and venues around Las Vegas frequently include thrill rides as part of the experience.

Some of the rides to check out in Las Vegas are located at the Strat, Fremont Street Experience, the Venetian, New York-New York Hotel, and Circus Circus.

The Strat and New York-New York have high-action roller coasters. The Strat is the tallest building in Las Vegas with a few rides built on the roof – a roller coaster, sky jump, and drop tower. New York-New York takes you on a ride through the NYC skyline.

If you want something more tranquil, visit the Venetian Hotel to find the gondola ride. You’ll be transported to Italy as you cruise on the river flowing through the hotel.

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the most popular tourist area where you’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot of time during your trip. The Strip is more than four miles lined with the city’s most famous hotels and attractions. It’s a fun place to be in the day and night to experience the authentic Vegas atmosphere.

During the day, the Strip is crowded with tourists hanging out. Even just a stroll down the Strip is worthwhile where you can see the incredible designs of the hotels – pyramid of the Luxor, the pirate ship of Treasure Island, the castle of Excalibur.

At night, the Strip becomes the hub for nightlife, illuminated by the lights of every venue. It’s where you’ll find a lot of the local shows, clubs, restaurants, and top casinos.

Check out the public outdoor shows on the Strip like the famous Bellagio fountain show or the pirate show at Treasure Island.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas?

Whether it’s your first time visiting Las Vegas or you’re seasoned in ‘Sin City,’ there’s one main area you should consider staying – The Strip. And if you can’t find a place on the Strip, stay nearby so that you still have easy access to the area.

The Las Vegas Strip has all of the city’s most famous hotels and casinos. There’s a hotel for all types of trips – luxury hotels, family-friendly hotels, romantic hotels, and everything in between.

Most people who are visiting Las Vegas plan to take advantage of the casinos and the entertainment. You’ll have an abundance of everything on the Strip.

One of the downsides to staying on the Strip is that it’s more expensive due to the popularity. Staying right outside of the Strip is slightly most cost-effective, especially during the low travel season. 

Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect year-round destination. You can travel to Las Vegas at any time during the year and find lots of things to do. The peak travel season is during the summer, but you can have just as much fun when you visit at other times.

It’s easy to overlook that Las Vegas is built in the middle of the desert, so the summer gets extremely hot, with temperatures able to reach over 100°F. Don’t worry – there are plenty of casinos and hotel pools to cool off.

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