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Experience the Fun-Filled Town of Branson MO

Branson MO
Fun Times in Branson MO

The Midwest is full of unique cities to explore, but none as quirky as Branson, MO. Branson is a town full of exciting attractions that you can’t help but pull over to check out. It’s also famous for hosting live shows and events.

Branson is a destination for the entire family, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find hidden in the small town. From the largest toy museum to several themed amusement parks, you’ll have endless amounts of fun. You’ll also get to sit back and watch world-class entertainment with lots of guest interaction.

We’ve put together a guide to give you the best of Branson to plan out some fun things to do, know the best places to stay, and when you should plan your trip.

Things to Do:

  • Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is one of the longest-lasting amusement park attractions in Branson designed for fun for the entire family. It opened in 1960 with an 1880’s theme with each of the attractions sectioned in 11 distinct districts. The park welcomes millions of thrill-seekers every year, making it one of the most popular things to do in Branson.

Silver Dollar City has 31 rides total, including seven roller coasters and a handful of water rides. It also provides various live performances daily. Some of the live demonstrations showcase the skill behind woodcarving, pottery, and candy making.

The seasonal park opens from March to December and hosts annual festivals throughout the year.

  • World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex

World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex is the name of the attraction and a fact about the venue. The complex consists of seven unique museums spaced across two buildings. A few museums include a toy museum, World of Checkers Museum, National BB Gun Museum, and other collector-specific museums.

300 x 250

The entire complex features exhibits covering 26,000 square feet. The toy museum, alone, displays more than one million toys. The toys bring a sense of nostalgia with collections dating back from the early 1800s. It’s a fun place to go for all ages – young kids will discover never-before-seen toys, and grandparents can reminisce on favorite toys from their childhood.

  • Branson’s Promised Land ZOO

The zoo is always a fun place to go for family fun, but you’ve never been to a zoo like Branson’s Promised Land ZOO. The zoo transforms the zoo experience to give you a more interactive time with the animals.

The family-owned park features animals from around the world, including rare and endangered species. Grab VIP tickets for a chance to go on a tram ride through the park to feed the animals right from the train. The animals approach the open-aircars as you ride past. 

The experience also includes petting and feeding sloths, lemurs, and a baby kangaroo. Be sure to stay for the live animal shows.

Branson’s Promised Land ZOO is a highly interactive zoo to educate and conservation.

  • Live Shows and Events

Branson is famous for its live entertainment – it has more theater seats than Broadway! You’ll be surprised by the show diversity in Branson. There’s a show for all ages and all types of genres.

Branson features many local performance acts, as well as touring shows. Branson’s top live shows include Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, Grand Jubilee Show, Motown Downtown, and the Clay Cooper Theatre. Shows cover everything from music, comedy, and theater, to interactive murder mysteries and even Bible stories retold live.

Check out the schedules to the local venues when you arrive in Branson to see what’s playing in town. The exceptional talent will amaze everyone in attendance and have you asking for an encore performance.

  • Table Rock State Park

If you need a break from Branson’s wild attractions, Table Rock State Park is just a short ride outside of town but takes you to one of the most beautiful natural scenery in the region. The park, established in 1959, is a great place to escape to the great outdoors.

Table Rock State Park is a major recreational park situated around Table Rock Lake. The lake provides lots of excitement – visitors can visit the marina to rent a boat, scuba dive, go parasailing, and more.

In addition to the lake, there are several paved hiking and biking trails around the park extending from the visitor center. The park includes designated campgrounds for overnight stays.

Where to Stay in Branson?

Places to stay in Branson are just as varied as the town’s attractions. You’ll have plenty of options for comfortable accommodations, whether you’re spending the night or a few days in town.

In Branson, you can find a few boutique hotels established in turn-of-the-century homes like the Branson Hotel, which gives you a cozy atmosphere. It will feel like your home away from home.

If you really want to feel like you’re on vacation, you can opt for a full-scale resort like the Big Cedar Lodge, which offers guests a spa, golf course, and other fun facilities.

Table Rock Lake is just south of Branson, where you’ll have lakeside accommodations ranging from luxurious villas to a camping site inside of the state park.

Regardless of where you stay, you’ll have easy access to visiting the top attractions in town.

Best Time to Visit Branson

Unlike most other places, the best times to visit Branson isn’t based on the weather, but what you can plan to do when you arrive. Branson is a unique town filled with lots of quirky attractions and events for the entire family. You won’t want to miss out on the best of Branson by visiting during the off-season.

The popular travel time for Branson starts in late spring. It’s when the weather starts to warm up, and many outdoor attractions begin to open for the year. If you can, visit during the summer when Branson is at its peak travel season. You’ll get to enjoy all of the amusement parks, outdoor activities, have most live events happening, or camping in Table Rock State Park.

The winter is surprisingly a popular time to visit Branson, but you’ll understand once you arrive. During the holiday season of November to December, the entire city transforms into a festive location covered with decorations and holiday-themed events.

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