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The Past and Present Wonders of Boston

George Washington statue as the famous landmark in Boston Common Park with city skyline and skyscrapers.
George Washington statue as the famous landmark in Boston Common Park with city skyline and skyscrapers.

Boston is one of New England’s most popular travel destinations in the US. It’s the capital of Massachusetts, showcasing a crossroads of historical and modern attractions. Boston played a critical role in the country’s founding years, with a lot of the significant sights preserved around the city. It’s a favorite travel destination to discover the city’s history while exploring modern sites like skyscrapers and spending time on the harbor.

You’ll be taken away by Boston’s charm during your trip. We’ll cover the best things to do in Boston, where to stay, and when to visit to make the most out of your New England adventure.

Things to Do:

  • Freedom Trail

Boston is one of the most historic cities in the US, established as one of the 13 colonies. Today, a lot of its history remains and visible along the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile route that takes you to the most iconic historical sites in Downtown Boston. The path helps tell the story of America’s history, where visitors can learn a lot about their significance through guided tours or audio guides.

Some of the landmarks along the Freedom Trail include Boston Commons, Massachusetts State House, Bunker Hill Monument, a statue of Benjamin Franklin, Granary Burying Ground, and the USS Constitution. There is a visitor center in Faneuil Hall, which provides access to tours or a free map.

  • Boston Harbor

The Boston Harbor is a site relevant for the past and present – it’s a great place to visit to gain an appreciation of Boston’s beauty. The harbor leads out into the Massachusetts Bay and home to the Port of Boston, one of the region’s most prominent shipping facilities.

The infamous Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston Harbor, one of the most critical events in Boston’s history. There’s a myth that the harbor water still tastes like tea. You can find live reenactments of the events along the harbor.

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 It’s a favorite destination for locals and tourists – people enjoy strolling along the pier to enjoy views of the ships and scenery. It’s where you can find day cruises in the harbor for incredible views of the Boston skyline.

  • Quincy Market

When the Quincy Market was built in the early 19th century, it was one of the largest market complexes. The market is recognized as a National Historic Landmark in its original building and remains a popular place to shop for food in Boston.

Quincy Market is a huge food hall with vendor stalls established in the indoor and outdoor space. Visit the market to find everything from fresh produce to meats to prepared meals and even desserts.

Come hungry, and you’ll leave more than satisfied as the options are endless. If it’s your first time in Boston, be sure to try one of the signature lobster rolls or New England clam chowder.

  • Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the US, located in Boston’s Cambridge neighborhood. Take the metro to the Harvard Station to explore the historic campus and the trendy areas surrounding it.

Harvard consists of a lot of sections worth checking out. One of the first places you should see is Harvard Square. It’s a historic district, but very trendy for people to hang out – it has many restaurants, bars, bookstores, cafes, and more.

After some time in the square, take a stroll through the Harvard campus. Harvard Yard is the oldest part of the campus, where you’ll see landmark buildings and statues. Keep your eyes and ears alert because you never know what genius ideas you’ll come across hanging around Harvard.

  • Prudential Tower

The Prudential Tower is a highlight of the Boston skyline – it’s the second-tallest building in Boston with 52 floors and a height of 749-feet. It was built in 1954 and features lots of retail space and the best observation deck in town.

The Skywalk Observatory on the 50th floor of the tower provides 260-degree views of the city and the harbor. It became the vest viewpoint overlooking Boston after another observatory in the tallest building closed. The Prudential Tower deck is also scheduled to close, so visit while you can.

Even so, there is another reason to visit the Prudential Tower. It’s popular for its shopping center, filled with lots of stores. You can spend hours browsing or drop by one of the restaurants.

Where to Stay in Boston?

Boston has a lot of unique neighborhoods to experience. You’ll probably spend your trip exploring several of them. If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Boston, you’ll have a lot of options. Two of the best areas for accommodations are:

  • Downtown Boston
  • Cambridge

Downtown is one of the favorite places to stay for visitors. It’s nearby many of the historical attractions, harbor, nightlife, and restaurants. You’ll be within walking distance to many of the attractions, and there are lots of hotel options available in the area.

Cambridge is a trendier neighborhood in Boston where you’ll find younger people hanging out thanks to Harvard University and MIT. It’s popular for restaurants, boutique shops, and cafes. It’s not far from downtown, so you can quickly get to all of the popular tourist destinations.

Best Time to Visit Boston

Boston is an excellent travel destination all year long. It’s located in New England, so you’ll experience all four seasons, but you can always find the beauty of Boston.

Summer is the peak travel season in Boston. It’s the best time of year to enjoy the outdoors, like walking along the Boston Harbor or relaxing in the Boston Commons park. The summer is also when a lot of seasonal activities happen in Boston, like outdoor markets and festivals.

Although Boston gets cold in the winter, it’s still a fun time to visit the city. It’s the low travel season, so you’ll find the best deals. It’s very scenic with lots of snow and holiday decorations, as long as you can find a way to keep warm.

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