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Experience the Best of Atlantic City NJ

The skyline and Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
The skyline and Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City, or AC, is an East Coast gem. It’s a favorite holiday travel destination or a place for people looking to escape the nearby major cities. It’s one of the best beach cities that’s also a famous place for gaming in the casino.

AC is a fun travel location for the entire family. There’s always something to do for all ages, so you’ll look forward to a full itinerary of things to do during your trip.

We’ll explore some of the top local activities, where to stay, and when to visit so that you can experience the best of Atlantic City, NJ.

Things to Do:

If you’re seeking a place to go with lots of things to do, then Atlantic City is the perfect option. Whether you enjoy spending time in the outdoors on the beach, or in the cool air of the casino, you’ll find fun and entertainment around the clock. 

And the best part is that even the kids will have a lot of fun activities during the trip. Whether you’re traveling as a family or a fun getaway, some of the things to add to your itinerary include:

  • Visiting the beach
  • Walking the AC Boardwalk
  • Play at the casino
  • Enjoy rides at Steel Pier
  • Check out the live shows and festivals
  • Visit the beach

You can’t visit Atlantic City without stopping by the beach. A lot of the things to do in Atlantic City center around the beaches lining the Atlantic coast. The beach is packed with tourists lounging in the sun or going for a refreshing swim in the summer. There are also other water activities you can do, like jet skis and parasailing.

The best beaches to check out in Atlantic City are:

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  • Atlantic City Beach
  • Brigantine Beach
  • Ventnor City Beach

Each beach has a unique character – great for the entire family, swimming, or a quiet beach away from the crowds.

  • Atlantic City Boardwalk

If the beach is for leisure, the Atlantic City boardwalk is where you go for all the action. The boardwalk is one of the most iconic features of Atlantic City, where you can stroll more than four miles to see the sights, restaurants, and entertainment.

You’ll reach the boardwalk before arriving on the beach, so it’s an excellent place to start your Atlantic City experience. There are several hotels right on the boardwalk, so it’s easily accessible. You’ll see venues including great eateries for snacks, shops selling beach gear, and people hanging out. You can also find a few casinos on the strip.

  • Play at the casino

Atlantic City is often considered the East Coasts’ Las Vegas. It’s one of the premier gaming destinations in the US, so you’ll have plenty of options of where you can try to hit the jackpot.

Many of the hotel resorts feature casinos in them. You’ll find big-name casino resorts as well as local favorites. Some of the top casinos in Atlantic City are:

  • Borgata
  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino
  • Harrahs

Most of the casinos in Atlantic City are open 24-hours – they’re a great place to stop by in between activities or before turning in for the night.

  • Steel Pier

Atlantic City is a family-fun destination thanks to activities like the Steel Pier. Ever since opening in 1898, Steel Pier has been a major tourist attraction located on a pier extending from the boardwalk.

Steel Pier is an amusement park consisting of 23 rides – it even has a couple of roller coasters! Tourists of all ages can enjoy some of the thrill rides or carnival-style games. And be sure to take a ride on the massive Ferris Wheel for breathtaking views of Atlantic City and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Visitors must purchase tickets onsite to get on the rides. It’s a seasonal attraction open from April to October. 

  • Live Entertainment

Thanks to the popularity of Atlantic City, it’s a major destination to some of entertainment’s top talent. Live entertainment shows are one of the highlights to visiting, and you should definitely check out what’s happening before you arrive. You won’t want to miss an exciting show.

Live shows and festivals happen all around Atlantic City – on the boardwalk, the beach, in the hotels/casinos, or in the club venues around town. During your visit, some of the things to do include seeing a live music performance, attending a food festival, or attending a comedy show.

There’s always something happening in Atlantic City for everyone, regardless of when you visit. 

Where to Stay in Atlantic City?

If you’re visiting Atlantic City, you should pick the ideal location to stay based on what you want to do – and who you’re traveling with. Atlantic City isn’t a large city, and most of the top local destinations center along the coast. The best things to consider before reserving accommodation are:

  • Stay near the AC Boardwalk
  • Stay in a popular casino resort

Visitors arriving for a family vacation with children will have the best experience near the AC Boardwalk. The boardwalk is an attraction in itself but also gives easy access to the beach or Steel Pier. You’ll find several great options like the Hard Rock Hotel, Tropicana, and Bally’s.

For adult trips to Atlantic City, you could also consider staying at one of the favorite casino destinations like Harrah’s or Borgata. The hotels are just a short drive away from the beach, but give a more upscale appearance and, of course, lots of gaming!

Best Time to Visit Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is a popular travel destination, but when should you visit? The best time to visit Atlantic City is during the summer, while it’s the peak travel season.

Atlantic City is a favorite summertime getaway for people on the East Coast, but also attracts people from across the country looking to experience a bit of fun. The summer is when you’ll see a lot more activity happening around the city – Steel Pier is open, the boardwalk and beaches are livelier, and a chance to catch a festival.

Many of the attractions in Atlantic City are seasonal and open up from late spring to early fall. It’s not a popular wintertime destination due to the cold weather, and most boardwalk attractions closed for the season.

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